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Sharps Kit 2" x 10" *Eco-Friendly Foam*

Sharps Kit 2" x 10" *Eco-Friendly Foam*

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Safety, preservation, and an eco-friendly product was key when designing the sharps kit.

Our sharps kits come in two different colors (red & black) based on you agency's needs. The sharps kit allows access at both ends of the tube until it is sealed with evidence tape. 

An extra inch of foam to protect personnel and the evidence. The tip of a blade may be important in a case. The foam allows the tip of a blade to be protected from damage. 

We are providing a 3" recycled, charcoal Polyethylene (PE) Protective Foam in every tube. The PE foam is a durable, lightweight, resilient, closed-cell material. The PE is moisture resistant and non-absorbent.

Each kit contains two evidence seals for each end of the tube and a biological self-adhesive label, if needed.

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