Every Penny Counts - R.A.N. Funding

Every Penny Counts - R.A.N. Funding

Cindy K. Hull- C. K. Hull & Associates- Forensic Consulting Services

Remote Access Network (R.A.N.) funding, penal code section 11112.1-11112.7, is provided by the Department of Justice to support CAL-ID systems and fingerprint identification needs for county and city law enforcement agencies.  However, many police departments are not aware they can ask for fingerprint support through their R.A.N. Board.   

R.A.N. funding is only to be used for fingerprint identification purposes.  This includes, fingerprint equipment, fingerprint training and fingerprint staff.

The R.A.N. board governs how the funding is spent within a county.  Your agency, asking of funds and for what purpose must be on the R.A.N. board agenda for the board to vote whether or not to grant your agency funding.  

To know when your county will be having their next R.A.N. board meeting, your agency must be notified within seven days of a meeting, per the Brown Act.  A R.A.N. board meeting is an “open to the public” meeting. Your agency notification of an upcoming meeting may simply be a posting in a public area in a county building, via email from the hosting county agency or by other means of communication.  If your agency wishes to attend a R.A.N. board meeting in your county you may have to be proactive and contact your county Sheriff’s Office, most likely the CAL-ID Unit/ Fingerprint Unit, for details.

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