Have You Taken Measures to Ensure the Protection of Your Evidence?

Have You Taken Measures to Ensure the Protection of Your Evidence?

Evidence is the number one thing everyone in the evidence-collection field must consider. Do you ever stop to think about the product and packaging you are using when collecting the evidence?

Do you use gun boxes with holes at the bottom for ease to tie down your firearm? By doing so you may introduce foreign substances into the gun box or lose evidence (trace, DNA, etc...) out of the bottom of the box.

Solution- use a gun box without holes, and secure the firearm with zip ties mounted inside the box.

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Do you use the same jar of fingerprint powder from scene to scene? You may think of always using a single use disposal fingerprint brush every time but never change the jar of fingerprint powder. But do you know what's in the fingerprint powder?  Worried about spilling your fingerprint powder jar/non-closable container?

Solution- a single use 2oz fingerprint resealable pouch is perfect.

Do you use an unprotected DNA swab to collect your DNA evidence? Do you place your DNA swab in DNA boxes with holes along the side? Cross-contamination can occur easily if you don't protect the DNA swab and or if something gets in or out of the DNA swab box.

Solution- Cap-Shure Swabs

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Have you taken measures to ensure the protection of your evidence?
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